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Help You Save Time And Money

Our deep expertise, creative cost containment strategies and proactive service have helped numerous companies save on their employee healthcare plans. We believe that our clients should be educated on the most innovative employee benefits programs that not only cut costs but are also the best fit for employees' needs. We are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients and we'd love to share our success stories.

Case Studies


Creative Cost Containment Strategies Creative Cost Containment Strategies


A Colorado company knew their employee demographics were better than average, yet they were stuck with high renewals they didn’t deserve. Their switch to Fall River started paying off in double-digit savings immediately and has continued in subsequent years.


Proactive Service Proactive Service


As your organization grows and changes, Fall River will help you navigate your employee benefits challenges before you even know what they are. See how we helped a software consulting firm as they grew from very young stages to a mature organization.


Overcoming Employee Entitlement Overcoming Employee Entitlement


Employers often struggle to manage cost concerns amidst employee entitlement. A local client took advantage of Fall River’s deep expertise to lower healthcare spending, create savvy consumers of healthcare and empower company culture along the way.