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Friday, 21 February 2020 10:56

The Missing Ingredient in Wellness Programs

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Are you wondering how to start an impactful wellness program? Or maybe you are frustrated that your existing wellness program doesn’t seem to be getting traction? Perhaps you are missing a key ingredient in the recipe for success. Come learn how to shift the wellness paradigm within your organization during our upcoming webinars “The Missing Ingredient in Wellness Programs.” 

Here are a few examples of topics we’ll cover:

·         Why are companies fully committed to a culture of safety, but often not as committed to a culture of health?

o   Workplace safety programs usually have full support from management, partly because they reduce Worker’s Compensation costs. However, research shows that employers typically spend from four to ten times as much on health insurance. With huge dollars at stake, how can we impact health insurance costs?

·         Provide ROI to upper management

o   We’ll be sharing specific statistics that have a meaningful impact on business metrics. We will also provide examples on how to create a sustainable wellness program with very minimal costs to your organization.

·         Get educated on the huge cost of chronic illnesses

o   There are 8 modifiable behaviors that contribute to the 15 conditions driving 80% of health insurance costs. Learn about these behaviors and how to minimize the risks within your employee population.

·         You don’t have to do it alone

o   Your health insurance carrier can be a great resource, as most of them have various programs built into their plans. These programs are usually underutilized and there’s a tremendous opportunity to educate and remind employees of the resources available to them.

o   At Fall River, we believe that brokers should be helping clients create, implement, and sustain powerful wellness programs. If your broker is not leading this endeavor, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship.

We encourage you to attend one of our free webinars to learn about the most important levers you can pull to impact your healthcare costs in a more powerful way. To register for our webinars please click here

As always, if we can help you understand what it takes to drive a successful wellness program, please contact us today!

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