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“As a Human Resources office of ONE, I often need guidance and support when navigating tricky insurance/benefit information. Over the past seven years, Fall River has been my rock in providing accurate insurance information to out company. Each year they offer more services than the last and we are EXTREMELY satisfied customers.”

Melanie Mayeranderson, Director of HR

Community Resources and Housing Development, Corp.

“Since 2010, Fall River has brought so much to the KONG Company, introducing self-funding and helping us with compliance. They also provide robust support to our open enrollment process in three different states and three different languages. I can’t imagine handling benefits without Fall River!”

Teri Floyd, Human Resources Director

Kong Company

“Fall River not only makes dealing with health benefits and enrollments easy, they go above and beyond by keeping me informed so I never have to worry about missing something that would put my company at risk for being non-compliant. Fall River did a great job at putting together our company’s ERISA documents and then guided me on how to explain and distribute the documents to our staff. They have gone above any broker, or other vendor partner, that I have ever worked with in so many other ways.”

Tracey Pollard, HR Manager

InJoy Health Education

“We have been a client of Fall River since 2015 and I cannot say enough positive things about the whole Fall River team. I don’t think we have stumped Fall River yet.”

Jennifer Sadler, Director, Human Resources

E2 Consulting Engineers

“Fall River tailors their approach to your group size and personality, provides educational information on changes in the benefits world, and provides an in-depth knowledge of plans and carriers. They have supported me in bringing new depth of wellness to my employees, which has helped to keep premiums steady.”

Cheryl Layton, HR Generalist

South Adams County Water & Sanitation

“With the money that Fall River showed us how to save, we were able to give employees raises, enhance our benefits package to provide a richer medical benefit and add disability coverage, and become more competitive on the jobs we were bidding. We are glad we selected Fall River and are appreciative of our partnership.”

Ryan Mastrianni, Controller

Hamon Infrastructure

“Prior to my arrival, the HR team lacked credibility with the staff, partly due to a frustrating broker experience that resulted in inaccuracies and extra work for the HR team. Fall River was the beginning of that answer and provided us just the type of relief we needed that included a proactive approach, consistent communication, and expertise in the analytics of the benefits market. Fall River answered our questions before we even knew to ask them and provided a smooth open enrollment process for our employees. Thanks in part to the top notch level of partnership with Fall River, my HR team now enjoys the fruits of a better reputation, stronger credibility, and great relationships with the rest of the organization.”

Jackie Jackson, HR Director

Colorado Uplift

“Before Fall River, we were struggling with lack of broker support. Fall River provided creative, tailored solutions that allowed us to give significant premium savings to the employees and enabled us to offer a more competitive benefits package. Our employees told us that saving hundreds of dollars a month on family premiums was life changing for them; one employee even called us to confirm her new rates because she couldn’t believe how much she was saving!”

Brittany Pletcher, Senior People Operations Manager


“In my early days at CEI, our broker process was reactive and everything was on paper, which made benefits overwhelming to manage for a high-turnover staff of around 200 employees. Since working with Fall River, our renewals start six months in advance, and they’ve helped me create best practices around compliance, wellness strategy, and paperless benefits administration. Overall, we’ve had four straight years of single digit renewals with no plan changes, and I’ve become a better HR leader with their help.”

Fed Chavaria, Director of Human Resources and Safety

Concrete Express, Inc.