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Better Benefits for Less Money℠

Are you tired of being told at every healthcare renewal that your only affordable options are to cut your benefits back, or ask your employees to pay more?

There’s a better way.

Fall River has built a unique and proprietary process to help Colorado employers save money on healthcare while giving their employees and their families equivalent or even better benefits than they have today at a lower cost. We’ve successfully used these strategies to save our clients money on healthcare for nearly 15 years. Employers who use this process have a strategy to consistently control their healthcare costs, attract better talent, and become the employer of choice in their industry.

Case Studies

A 300-employee non profit found they could save $500,000 while keeping equivalent benefits.

A 50-employee tech company improved their benefits while saving enough money to round out their benefits package.

A public entity with about 400 employees discovered they could either pocket $3.9 Million in savings over 5 years with equivalent benefits, or cut their employees' out of pocket costs in half while STILL saving $2.2 Million over 5 years.

How much could you be saving?

There is NO COST for this process for Colorado companies with 50-1,000 employees enrolled in benefits. If you are outside that size range, contact us to discuss other options.

If your organization isn’t based in Colorado, just let us know where your headquarters is located, and we can partner with your local Alera office to bring you the same great strategies.