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We bring a deeper level of expertise, with in-house actuaries and underwriting experts to negotiate effectively with your carriers and build proprietary solutions other brokers don’t have.

While Fall River operates as the boutique brokerage it has been since our founding in 2005, we are part of Alera Group, which has over 3,500 associates and 130 offices all throughout the country and the world.

Our expertise includes years of actuarial, underwriting, and other insurance carrier experience. Fall River’s approach is to create win-win relationships with the insurance carriers, and our unique experience on the carrier side positions us to negotiate with these partners using sound actuarial and underwriting principles. By speaking their language, we gain respect and credibility which ultimately makes our negotiations more successful. In contrast, many brokers attempt scare tactics, such as threatening to move other cases if they don’t get their desired price. This sometimes works in the short run but, given Colorado’s limited number of mid-market carrier options, these tactics tend to backfire in the long run.

Fall River consults with your carriers on a level playing field, underwriter to underwriter and actuary to actuary. We set an entirely different collaborative tone, achieving a much higher level of trust and respect by demonstrating our commitment to partnership, and resulting in phenomenal outcomes for our clients. This underwriting experience means that we can recalculate a large group or partially self-funded renewal from scratch to determine whether what the carrier is giving is fair.

In particular, we have extensive expertise in partial self-funding. Our founder was the lead actuary on the team that invented Level Funding in the 1990’s, which is the most frequently sold partial self-funding product for small and mid-sized businesses. Read more about partial self funding here.