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We Tackle Your Health Care Costs More Proactively

Employers everywhere are struggling with high healthcare costs. A recent survey reports that rising healthcare costs are now the number one threat to corporate profits in America. Minor changes in plan design and employee contributions are not solving the problem; employers need a whole new paradigm when it comes to their employee health plans.

There is a better way.

First, our expert team reviews your existing employee benefits program to identify any immediate savings and benefit improvements available. We start by re-evaluating your entire model. Are you using the most advantageous benefit delivery system and funding method?

Once you’re getting your healthcare benefits from the optimal source, we then use The Fall River Better Benefits for Less Money StrategySM to identify creative ways you can deliver the same quality of benefits for less money, freeing up funds you can use to reduce what employees pay out of their pockets or make your benefits even richer. On average, we save employers $1,000 per employee per year with this process. Finally, we analyze any available claims experience to help you address the true drivers of your cost increases and lay out proven strategies to reverse them over time, including wellness that actually works.

Wellness has to be more than a buzzword, it must become a lifestyle. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that 2/3 of our healthcare spending is on conditions that are preventable or treatable by lifestyle. Unfortunately, many workplace wellness programs are poorly designed, lack participation and cost more money than they save.

In contrast, Fall River takes a strategic approach using robust yet revenue-neutral incentives that engage the participation of those who need it most. We’ll help you design a tailored program that fits your budget, communicate it to your team and implement it year-round for lasting results.

Prior to launching Fall River, our CEO was an actuary and underwriting executive for the insurance companies. Our team’s unique understanding of which strategies really work stems from her experience handing out over fifteen thousand employer renewals. Industry research has also proven that these types of strategies get you better renewals.

Want to know more about who gets the best renewals and why? Contact Fall River and put our Better Benefits for Less Money StrategySM to work for your organization today!