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Let Fall River Solve Your Benefits Compliance Nightmares

The Affordable Care Act is continually changing and seems to bring new employer responsibilities every year. And, it’s not even the only law you need to be focused on. Smaller health insurance brokers don’t always have the depth of expertise that you need, but larger national brokerages sometimes just point you to their compliance website when what you really need is a personalized guide.

A broker who just tells you to “call with any questions” isn’t helpful if you’re not familiar with all the questions you should be asking in the first place. The Fall River team takes a different approach. We proactively educate you regarding all of your compliance obligations that relate to benefits, including areas such as:

  • ERISA for health plans
  • HIPAA’s new changes to Privacy and Security requirements as well as wellness rules
  • Section 125 Plans
  • COBRA, GINA, ADA regarding wellness programs, and more

Mention ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, and most people think of retirement plans. We actually find, however, that while the vast majority of employers comply on the retirement side, far fewer do on their health plan. We identify issues almost 100% of the time we conduct a compliance audit. How familiar are you with what being fully-compliant entails?  What risks is your company taking by not complying with ERISA?

If we identify any compliance issues, we can then provide suggestions to help you improve compliance, and we can even produce your ERISA-compliant Wrap Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions.

Nightmares solved! Let Fall River help you evaluate your current level of compliance, and sleep better at night!