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Fall River Has Solutions

Fall River understands that Colorado Front Range companies are fighting an uphill battle. Healthcare costs are still on the rise and employers are buried in paper and compliance obligations.

Doing nothing is not an option, but employers already have a lot on their plate. How do you make sure your benefits attract the talent you need while keeping up with rising costs, compliance, and the administrative hassles of maintaining your plan?

Fall River is your guide to navigating the challenges of your employee benefits plan. Through our deep expertise, innovative strategies, and proactive concierge service, we help Colorado companies with fifty or more employees to tackle their benefits challenges in a whole new way.

We start with re-evaluating your healthcare model, then implement strategies and funding methods to help you beat the trends over time. We’ll accompany this with technology that minimizes paper and automates your enrollments, then provide a greater level of compliance expertise and proactive, year-round service than most employers have experienced before. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, please read our testimonials and contact us.