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Wednesday, 04 May 2022 23:26

Human Resources Toolkit: Employee Engagement

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High employee engagement can lead to success, while low engagement can harm productivity. Engaged employees are more than just satisfied with their jobs, they are committed to the organization and its goals.

This HR Toolkit includes valuable engagement resources, like proven engagement practices, engagement ROI factors and sample materials.

With more employees working remotely, the question has come up about how to adequately comply with required employer posters. Our experts at AleraHR have provided this guidance:


For remote employees, although it is required that information be posted at each physical facility, it is not required that information be posted remotely, at an employee's home as an example.  It is, however, required that the information be communicated to employees.

Employers in some states should be aware of a potential issue with state law conflicting with HSA eligibility for individuals on fully-insured high-deductible plans. This relates to drug discounts or coupons used by a plan participant being applied to out-of-pocket expenses.


There are a few possible ways this may sort itself out in these states. At this time, it is unclear whether state legislative action or the state Department of Insurance will exempt HDHPs or if the IRS will provide an exemption or transitional relief.

Have you heard of J codes?  They are the coding used by doctor’s offices, hospitals and other providers to bill for specialty medications that are usually not taken by mouth, like injectables. They are called “J codes” because of the way they are billed.


The medications dispensed can be expensive as they are often specialty medications, chemotherapy and immunosuppressants. They are billed through the medical plan and not the pharmacy plan, so they can be difficult to identify and address.

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