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Thursday, 20 August 2020 11:21

Improving Medication Compliance with PillPack

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The ever-growing prescription drug industry has long been ripe for innovation and disruption. At the same time, members struggle to manage the many prescriptions they may need to take at the same time.  As the cost of many prescription medications continues to be very high, Americans are increasingly looking outside traditional pharmacies for purchasing alternatives. One of these newer alternatives is PillPack, which was purchased in May 2018 by Amazon, and may actually help members improve their medication compliance, a key metric in improving health.

PillPack is a service geared towards members who take multiple medications. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 60% of American adults have at least one chronic illness, and 40% have two or more which could lead to members taking multiple medications. Keeping track of all these medications can be a challenge.

PillPack will organize all of a member’s medications by pre-sorting and separately packaging the right dose of each medication they need to take at each date and time, and deliver them right to their door. Additionally, the service will print on the outside of each packet the list of medications and the recommended time of day to take them. This saves your members the tedious task of either trying to remember what to take each day, or loading up their weekly pill containers, which many find to be an unwelcome chore.  PillPack can even include any over-the-counter medications or testing supplies that need to be used each day. All of these features help members increase their medication compliance, thus better managing their chronic conditions.

Members will need to provide a few things to sign up:

  • List of medications

  • Doctor information

  • Any applicable insurance information (we will first help you confirm with your carrier that PillPaack is covered as an in-network pharmacy)

  • Payment method

Amazon’s PillPack has pharmacy support day or night, an automatic refill option, and free delivery. Click here, to watch a 1-minute video with more details.

At Fall River, we’re always looking for ways members can become more educated and engaged consumers. The pharmaceutical industry is certainly one area where innovation and cost-savings is desperately needed. If you have any questions about PillPack or ways to help your members save money on prescriptions, please click here to contact us.

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