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Thursday, 25 June 2020 16:53

Employer Survey Results: Returning to the Workplace

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In mid-April, CO SHRM and the Denver Regional Council of Governments conducted a survey about how employers are handling returning to the workplace and teleworking after COVID. The survey was completed by over 350 human resource professionals from across the state of Colorado. 

Most employers surveyed have ramped up their efforts to sanitize their workspaces, provide additional remote training, and have developed protocols for teleworking, self-quarantining, and social distancing. Employers are still facing challenges, though. A few areas where most Human Resource professionals continue to seek guidance are employee productivity monitoring, managing hourly employees, supervisor telework training, and formal written telework policies.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the data. 

Respondent details:

  • 357 total responses

  • •72% of respondents were from the Denver Metro area

  • 45% of companies had under 100 employees

  • 60% of respondents were either the VP, Director, or Manager of HR

Telework adoption:

  • Pre COVID: 78% of companies permitted telework

  • Post COVID: 86% of companies permitting telework

Attitudes toward telework:

  • 81% of senior managers view telework more favorably today than before

  • 73% of supervisory level managers view telework more favorably today than before

Where employers need help with telework:

  • 34% need support with employee reporting and productivity monitoring

  • 30% need assistance with supervisor telework training

  • 25% need support with formal written telework policies

Benefits of telework:

  • 29% (the largest percentage) said telework has allowed them to continue business operations

  • 15% said they discovered new ways of working and getting things done

  • 12% said they were able to keep employees safe

Where employers need help preparing to return employees to the workplace:

  • 35% (the largest percentage) said they could use help with on-site screenings

  • 25% said employee training on COVID protocols

  • 20% said self-quarantining and return to work protocols

Over half of the respondents said they have already assembled pandemic response teams

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