5 Advantages
Fall River Advantages
Better Benefits
for Less MoneySM
You’ll get a custom road map to better benefits your employees will love, for the same or less than you pay today, along with proven strategies that reduce trends over time.
Navigate with confidence through your benefits compliance and other HR obligations with our expert guidance and tools. We help identify red flags before you get audited.
Seamless Enrollment
and Onboarding
Use our seamless Online Enrollment and Onboarding technology at no cost, or let us do the work to help you find your ideal technology partner.
Concierge Service
Enjoy concierge-level service all year-round with a dedicated Account Management team proactively managing your renewal, compliance, wellness strategy, and anything else you need.
Expert Negotiation
and Leverage
We bring a deeper level of expertise, with in-house actuaries and underwriting experts to negotiate effectively with your carriers and build proprietary solutions other brokers don’t have.

We hear from many companies that they are tired of unexplained healthcare renewal increases year after year. Benefits are most companies’ second or third largest expense, and employers come to us so frustrated with not having a better game plan to manage this huge cost.

Fall River guides our clients with tools and strategies that help them fight back against high healthcare renewals and that deliver Better Benefits for Less Money. This enables them to hire and keep the talent they need to succeed.

You Need a Gameplan that Works

Mid-sized businesses in Colorado are seeing their healthcare renewals skyrocket faster than inflation year after year. We help you fight back by identifying immediate savings without cutting benefits, and by teaching you strategies to keep future trends under control. Companies are using these savings to shore up their bottom line, reduce employee contributions, or make their benefits even richer.

Expert Consult

You get a free thirty minute consult with an expert where you learn if savings are likely based on your unique plans, challenges, and constraints.

Strategy Development

You’ll receive valuable benchmarking and strategies resulting in significant savings from the Better Benefits for Less MoneySM Process.

Deploy the Savings

Reap the savings, then decide whether to direct them to improving the bottom line, to better benefits, or both!

There is NO COST for the Better Benefits for Less Money Process for Colorado companies with 50-1,000 employees enrolled in medical benefits. If your organization isn’t based in Colorado, let us know where your headquarters is located, and we can partner with your local Alera Group office to bring you the same great strategies.

If you decide to work with Fall River as your advisor, we’ll implement the immediate savings from your Better Benefits for Less Money Roadmap, and help you build a three-year action plan to bend your healthcare trends going forward using research-proven strategies.

What Clients Say

Our Better Benefits for Less MoneySM process has saved clients millions of dollars over the years.
But don’t take our word for it. Check out what some of our clients have to say here, and on our results page!

“With the money that Fall River showed us how to save, we were able to give employees raises, enhance our benefits package to provide a richer medical benefit and add disability coverage, and become more competitive on the jobs we were bidding. We are glad we selected Fall River and are appreciative of our partnership..”

-Ryan Mastrianni, Controller, Hamon Infrastructure

“In my early days at CEI, our broker process was reactive and everything was on paper, which made benefits overwhelming to manage for a high turnover staff of around 200 employees. Since working with Fall River, our renewals start six months in advance, and they’ve helped me create best practices around compliance, wellness strategy, and paperless benefits administration. Overall, we’ve had four straight years of single digit renewals with no plan changes, and I’ve become a better HR leader with their help.”

-Fed Chavaria, Director of Human Resources & Safety, Concrete Express Inc.

“ Before Fall River, we were struggling with lack of broker support. Fall River provided creative, tailored solutions that allowed us to give significant premium savings to the employees and enabled us to offer a more competitive benefits package. Our employees told us that saving hundreds of dollars a month on family premiums was life changing for them; one employee even called us to confirm her new rates because she couldn’t believe how much she was saving!”

-Brittany Pletcher, Senior People Operations Manager, Arryved

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